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Our House Band - The mini BIG BAND


The Mini Big Band is run by twin brothers Chris and Jon Hibbard.

The Mini Big Bands 10 piece band provides a powerful wow factor to any event and a vintage sound like no other. 

The Mini Big Band features some of the finest young musicians in the UK and a repertoire which takes you on a journey from classic swing right through to more modern songs in our vintage style, with a mix of Jive, Rock n Roll and Classic hits along the way.  Music that caters for everyone!

All of The Mini Big Bands music has been specially arranged for the 10 piece band to ensure we get that classic “big band swing sound”, a sound that smaller bands simply can not achieve.

Head of Deception - Sav

Screenshot 2019-04-29 at 15.04.22.png

Facts :-

  • Derren Brown once described him as ubiquitous! 

  • Currently in-house resident at Soho house most Wednesday evenings. 

  •  Sav taught The Kings of Leon magic! 

  • He's entertained a real life King and Queen in their residence.

  • He once made $1,000,000.00 appear like magic as part of an Immersive Installation.


Sav (aka) Deceptionist® is  charismatic yet humble chap with ultimately a safe set of magic hands.  Since 1999  this magician-about-town hired by them in the know he has delivered thousands of solid  polished performances. A Degree in the Arts Sav is a consummate professional; over for the past two decades he has entertained many movers and shakers & big name celebrities.  ​​​


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