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Our parent charity, IBCT, is a valuable partner in facilitating our event and shares our core values of helping underprivileged children in London gain financial education. 65% of all funds raised go directly to IBCT, while the remaining amount is shared among other chosen charities this year:

  • Little Angels

  • Steel Warriors

  • Childrens Book Project

We are proud to have The Clink as our catering partner, as their involvement not only benefits our event but also provides 350 training hours for prisoners in their program.

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The International Bankers Charitable Trust (“IBCT”)(Registered Number: 1087630)

The IBCT is the charity through which the Worshipful Company of International Bankers (“WCIB”), the livery company for financial professionals, funds and works with specialist Charities and Educational Institutions to make a difference in the lives of needy young people in London.

Main IBCT beneficiaries referenced:

littleangles LOGO.jpg

Little Angels

Little Angels is a Kent based Angelman Syndrome charity which has been set up to achieve support and education to those families who are currently being affected by this rare genetic condition. 

Angelman syndrome is a genetic disorder that affects the nervous system and causes severe physical and intellectual disability.

The typical characteristics of Angelman syndrome aren't usually apparent at birth. A child with Angelman syndrome will begin to show signs of delayed  development at around 6-12 months, such as being unable to sit  unsupported or make babbling noises.

Later, they may not speak at all or may only be able to say a few  words. However, most children with Angelman syndrome will be able to  communicate using gestures, signs or other systems.

The movement of a child with Angelman syndrome will also be affected.  They may have difficulty walking because of problems with balance and  co-ordination (ataxia). Their arms may tremble or move jerkily, and their legs may be stiffer than normal.


Steel Warriors

Steel Warriors was established in 2017. Our founders, Ben Wintour and Pia Fontes were driven by a desire to challenge conventional approaches to knife crime. They wanted to use the tonne of knife steel collected each month by the police to help young people develop more confidence to walk the streets unarmed, provide a healthy and affordable way to build physical strength, and support individuals in achieving their goals and earning a living. With the launch of the first gym in Tower Hamlets, our journey began. Today, we take pride in operating a growing number of gyms and showing young people that lives should be built on steel, not destroyed by it.

The Children's Book Project


Thousands of children grow up in homes with very few books of their own, sometimes none at all. They have fewer opportunities to lose themselves in a story, for shared reading with a parent and to discover the world. Donate your new or pre-loved books to us and we will ensure that they are put straight into the hands of the children that need them most.

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